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New Age Spirituality
New Age Spirituality is all about getting back your power. Not that you ever lost it. Sometimes you gave your power away, misplaced it, or forgot you had power in the first place.

How To Discover Your Life Purpose In About 20 Minutes
How do you discover your real purpose in life? I’m not talking about your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. I mean the real reason why you’re here at all — the very reason you exist.

The New Age or the Aquarian Age & World Government
All freethinkers are excited about the New Aquarian Age where Wisdom will blossom and importance will be on Self development, Self Transformation, Self Realisation & Self Actualisation. Gone are the days of dogma & Blind Faith.

A Psychology for the New Age: Quantum Psychology
Bell bottoms, transcendental meditation, love beads, civil rights, protest marches: the 1960s, the Age of Aquarius, a time of radical social change that ushered in the "New Age." Time passed, and gradually, New Age ideas made their way into the cultural mainstream.

How To Switch Dimensions
Shifting dimensions is challenging but also deeply rewarding. If I didn’t learn how to do this, I might be experiencing the inside of a prison cell today. In some other dimension, that is indeed what I’m experiencing.

Show Reverence For Your Body: The Practice Of Gratitude And Affirmations
When creating a system of self discovery, it is important to turn all negative thoughts into positive functional awareness. First it’s important to take a full body inventory to establish all the parts of your body you love, and those you're not so crazy about.

Individualized Positive Affirmations For Improving Self-Esteem
Shifting dimensions is challenging but also deeply rewarding. If I didn’t learn how to do this, I might be experiencing the inside of a prison cell today. In some other dimension, that is indeed what I’m experiencing.

DNA Activation: A Secret To Personal Transformation
The change happens through DNA reprogramming – a way of consciously overwriting the noises of EGO with the light language of the soul, installing its messages directly into the body. It gives the individual the opportunity to hold and feel the energy of his or her true expression, and not the distorted, polarized ego-version.

The Body's Consciousness: Encoding From The Soul
The body's consciousness operates as a unified whole, allowing the brain, central nervous system, and higher intuition to register what is going on in all the various parts. Without consciousness, our body would not be able to maintain itself.

Understanding Ghosts, Apparations, Spirits and Poltergeists
Ghosts are spiritual presences that, through the use of energy, usually take on a physical form to interact with the physical environment. Most ghosts are not evil or bad, rather they are spiritual energies that have a message which they need to get across to someone.

Psychic Protection
About psychic attacks and how to create a psychic shield for protection against negative energies or dark-thought forms that may be attacking you on your spiritual path.

Ten Signs You Are Ascending To The New Earth Energy
10 Signs and symptoms that indicate that you are expanding your vibration and moving into the new age energies of the 5d earth frequency.

New Age Buzz Words in Health Healing and Wellness
What do these new age buzz words mean to you? Understanding spiritual and mind-body healing, also known as holistic healing and energy healing.

The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. But the Law of Attraction gives rise to some tough questions that don’t seem to have good answers.

The History of The New Age Movement
About the history and origins of the new age movement, new age spirituality and information about the age of aquarius.

Do You Make These "Law of Attraction" Blunders?
Too many people learn only the "basics" of the Law of Attraction, and as a result make 10 common mistakes that make it appear as though this universal law does not apply to them, and in fact gives them results completely OPPOSITE of what they desire.

New Age Misconceptions
There are many misconceptions about the new age movement and new age belief systems. What is the new age movement really all about?

Introduction To Metaphysics
Metaphysics is the study of higher knowledge, the deeper truths of life. We only have to recognize these higher truths and live by them to rise beyond old behavioral patterns and access a new vista of inconceivably wonderful possibilities.

True Reality Creation
An in-depth and more technical look at the science and metapysical aspects of reality creation and the true art of using the Law of Attraction and reality manifestation.

Fifth Dimensional (5D) Earth is Here
Dolores Cannon explains the symptoms and process of shifting into the new age and 5d earth consciousness and what changes to expect in terms of diet and emotions.

Awakening Consciousness - All Is Mind
Everything that we perceive as real in this universe becomes reality as mental representation. The mind plays a significant role in interpreting the external reality (world).

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New Age Information

What is The New Age?
Exploring the New age and what new age spirituality and the new age movement means and involves and the various things connected to it.

Authentic Happiness & Positive Psychology
Articles, Information and resources on Authentic Happiness and positive psychology in the New Age.

New Age Words Explained
The definitions of various terms and words used within the new age commuity and new age spiritual and an explanation of what they mean.

New AgeSelf Help
New age self help related philosophy, psychology, mind science, universal prinicples & laws, and spirituality for personal development, inspiration and study.

Spiritual New Age Musical NotesNew Age Music Videos
Listen to some of the most beautiful and profound spiritual and new age music. Watch videos by some of the best new age vocalists and musicians.

Anael - Be Still Thy Soul

Douglas Blue feather - Open Your Heart

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Cosmic light self awakeningAncient Knowledge and Hidden Secrets or Reality
Encoded knowledge is information that is conveyed in signs and symbols and we can find this knowledge all over the world. All around the world, ancient architecture and geometric patterns symbolise unseen forces at work. We are being lied to by the media. Most modern archaeologists are also in the dark. "The Ancients" were not as 'primitive' as many are led to believe. We just failed to de-code this knowledge conveyed in signs, symbols and ancient artwork.

Discover information about Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Consciousness and the Illusion of Reality that has been kept hidden from the public.

Shabdabrahman Divine Eastern Esoteric SymbolsShabdabrahman
The Divine Vibration

A Documentary On Ancient Vedic Science For A New Age. This film explores the deep themes of ancient Vedic esoteric science. Ranging from consciousness, Kundalini, Chakras, to God, to sound and creation of the elements. Shabdabrahma also cites numerous Tantras and Upanishads in support of it's theories, and establishes the truth of Vedanta and Esoteric Knowledge.