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Show Reverence For Your Body: The Practice Of Gratitude And Affirmations

When creating a system of self discovery, it is important to turn all negative thoughts into positive functional awareness. First it’s important to take a full body inventory to establish all the parts of your body you love, and those you're not so crazy about. After this is accomplished, what happens next?

In this article we'll take a look at the importance of putting all of the body together as one unit; the importance of establishing a total positive body reverence and awareness. All the while however, it is important to remember the ultimate goal: full body acceptance. Here, I've outlined a three step process to integrate both the positive thoughts about your individual body parts and the functionality of your body, as well as to advance positive awareness for the parts of the body which you once thought about unfavorably.


The first step in the process of integrative positive self awareness is gratitude. It is important for the flourishing of positive body awareness and growth that you establish a sense of gratitude for where you are in the moment and what shape and form your body is in right now. In my opinion, this moves the focus off of the appearance of your body and shifts the awareness to its functionality.

During this first step, take time to appreciate the gifts your body has given you right now. Some questions to meditate upon include:

• What are the gifts that I have been given?
• Do I acknowledge my gifts and appreciate them for the uniqueness that they hold?
• Am I grateful for my gifts?

I believe that we are all given unique talents and gifts from the universe in order to complete our divine purpose. I also believe that we flourish when we use these talents we have been blessed with. With respect to the body, however, think for a moment: What unique qualities does my body possess? Take a few moments each day to say "thank you" by using these particular parts of yourself. If you need a checkpoint: Make note in your journal of your specific talents and the ways in which you use them.

Creating Affirmations

In effort to show love and reverence for your body, I love to use this secret weapon: affirmations. What I love about affirmations is, they put the energy of the universe in motion based on your desire. Therefore, to nurture a positive reverence for your body, use this step as an exercise, as well. Here's how: Take the gifts you have noted above and create positive statements about them.

For example:

• Thank you for giving me the ability to write - I am so grateful!
• Thank you for giving me strong fingers with which to type!

After you have completed your gratitude list, there is a second part of the equation necessary of your consideration: Are you making time to use your gifts? As I've said before, I believe that when we use our gifts, the universe smiles. I believe this is the most important part in our growth - utilizing our own gifts.

Make a note of affirmation to yourself in your journal: "Today I will find a way to utilize the talents for which I have been given." Then, look for the subtle opportunities. Continue by making a list of ways you could contribute to the world with what you have to offer. I believe you will find what you focus on expands. You may even realize gifts you never knew you had!

Where the body is concerned, you can also use affirmations to turn your perceived subordinate body parts into strong and positive ones. Do this by becoming aware of your self talk. Are there parts of yourself for which you exude negativity? Turn these negatives to positives. Again, in your journal, practice positive self talk.

• My body supports me, I love my body
• My legs are strong and secure they support me, I love my legs

Continuing The Process: Find Your Personal Best

It is important to make a constant and consistent effort to be aware of your body and speak to it in a positive manner. I believe the best and most concise way to do this is through your journal. A journal is your connection to the divine. When you write words on a page, tell yourself that you are sending a message to the universe, a memo to the divine.

Moreover, when you take time to reflect on yourself remember: You are the only you there is. Make an effort to find your own personal best. Make a game of it: Find the clothes you enjoy wearing and the activities you enjoy doing. It is important to be true to yourself in all that you do. Make this a fun process of self discovery… the discovery of you!

In conclusion, continue your process of journaling and inventorying your body. Each day as you wake, thank your body for all the beauty and grace it provides. Love your body by being good to it, by resting it, exercising and practicing positive self talk. If you take care of your body be assured, it will take care of you.

Journal Exercises

• In your journal choose 5 body parts you would like to focus on today
• Create positive affirmative statements for each body part
• Copy your affirmations to cards and carry them in your purse or wallet. When you get a free moment in your day, take time to pull out the cards and read the affirmations aloud or to yourself.

About the Author: Laura Turner is a natural health practitioner and author. She hosts and publishes the New Body News and Wellness Letter, The Online Magazine Healthy People Read. ( ) Subscribe for f.r.e.e. and receive her Special Report: "Take Charge of Your Health!" and check out her latest book: Spiritual Fitness!

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