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The Body's Consciousness: Encoding From The Soul

The body's Consciousness operates as a unified whole, allowing the brain, central nervous system, and higher intuition to register what is going on in all the various parts. Without consciousness, our body would not be able to maintain itself. And yet in treating the various symptoms and illnesses that the body manifests, we do not often speak of the body's consciousness or the messages that it may have for us.

To begin with, let us for the moment consider the body as a hologram of our greater consciousness via the DNA which is its formative structure. This DNA emanates from the soul level of our being. To be a hologram means that what exists at the physical level of functioning incorporates within itself all the features of the higher level of who we are, but within a translated form. To view the body as a hologram of consciousness allows us to see in symptoms of any kind, a message reflected in the very patterning of the symptom itself.

This is true within all areas of functioning, though it does not represent a one-to-one correlation between what we are conscious of and what manifests physically. Manifestation is more complex, often having to do with unconscious issues more than conscious ones. These, our DNA structure weaves into the creation of maximum and minimum levels of functioning of the body at the time of conception. In the digestive/eliminative area, for example, physical tendencies are created via the DNA for areas of limited functioning or for specific localized problems that may arise. With respect to the digestive/eliminative system, problems with 'taking in/receiving' of nourishment, and 'releasing/giving' in the dual sense of releasing what needs to be let go of, and offering nourishment to others, often appear as physical symptoms. These indicate a limitation in the free-flow of life-energy throughout the entire embodied self.

While no two persons are alike in the precise state of their body-consciousness or in their DNA, there are generalities of function that relate, for example, in the case of digestive/eliminative disorders, to being able to receive and being able to release or to give. Often, a constriction in the bowel or intestine which creates a blockage that food cannot easily get by, is a hologram for another kind of blockage at a different level. It is useful, as participants in our own healing process, to look at these parallels, and to ask for guidance and greater insight into their meaning. Similarly, when elimination is constricted or impaired, it is well to look at what is being given or withheld in terms of generosity and the sharing of ourselves with life.

The ability to process life-force or the vital energy of the body that lies within the cells and that operates within every organ and tissue, is a necessary function of each and every organ and cell. The energy must be metabolized within the cells so that they can maintain a continuity of functioning. What we call vitality is dependent upon this, as is healthy functioning.

In relation to the digestive process, the smooth processing of organic material that must be converted into life-giving energy and sustenance takes places along a series of steps that are in sequence, each of which relates to every other. If anything is out of place in the sequence or if any function is disrupted, it is as if a switch breaker or lever were activated, closing down the process at that point and making it difficult for the entire flow to continue smoothly. This is necessary in the economy of body maintenance so that it can be known to the conscious self that something is not operating properly. However, it can also be difficult to determine what that 'something' is, since it requires only one lever to shut off in order for the whole process to be affected.

The body's economy of means for digesting organic matter is a gift of Divine intelligence, as are all the other physical systems at work, with the body a miracle of organization and interrelated functioning that has a complexity even greater than what is presently known. Just as the digestive system has 'levers' within it that interrupt the process to let the conscious self know that something is wrong and needs attention, the digestive process as a whole IS a lever itself, letting us know that something is amiss on the level of Consciousness for which it is a hologram. The same is true for other systems.

The way of determining what this 'something' is must be individually pursued, for it is in the nature of the symptom itself that the answer lies. Symptoms such as contraction of function, sluggishness of movement, conversion of solid material into gas, retention of solid waste, painful absorption of food, and many others, if we are speaking of digestion, must all be reflected upon in a meditative way to see what they might point to on the level of consciousness. This would be difficult if not impossible, if the body did not have a consciousness of its own. However, the body's consciousness can let us know, if we attune to it, what its messages might be. Along this route lies the maximum amount of healing that is possible for us, for a healing of the body is a healing of consciousness, and visa versa.

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