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The Ascension Temple of Purification

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   Love is First Contact The Great Invocation Infinite Merkabah Activation with the Gayatri Mantra
   A Hole In A Flute by Hafiz Here With You~Twinflames Song Grandchildrens Destiny by Miss Magikal
   The Mystical Lord's Prayer Light  Beings Carriers of Love

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The Ascension Temple of Purification videos by Love & Lightworker emanuehl. (Melchizedek144). With relaxing music and inspirational messages, these videos will be sure to raise your vibration and activate your heart chakra.

Visit the for more new age videos by emanuehl, along with spiritual articles on ascension, dimensionsal shifts, consciousness, metaphysics, love and lightworking, meditation, and energy healing.

Ascension Raising of Consciousness Vibration Ascension Videos and information about the ascension process and raising your vibrational frequency, expanding consciousness awareness and experiencing higher dimensions.

Bob Procter The Secret LectureThe Mechanics of Ascension
Danny Searle presents an 8 part presentation on your awakening. He talks about our DNA, the coming ascension in relation to 12 strand DNA activation and how to achieve it.

Global humanity healing international Humanity Healing is a Nondenominational Network committed to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Growth through Education and Spiritual Activism

Videos by the Humanity Healing Network

Lost City of Atlantis Video CoverThe Legend of Atlantis
The Dawn of the Gods...The Secret Brotherhood of Atlantis...The Secret Prophecies of the Apocalypse... The Return of the Lightmasters from Atlantis...The War of Armageddon...

New Age on EarthTen Signs That You Are Moving to The New Earth
This is the New Earth, the place which mother earth is residing at, at a higher vibration and dimension than before. Will you journey to the New Earth or will you take your chance in the alternate reality of the old?

The Maya Of Eternal TimeThe Mayan Prophecies
Presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek under the authority of the leader of Mayan Council of elders, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez, and on behalf of the Maya people. This is the original webcast which explains the truth about the Mayan Calendar, while clearing up many misconceptions about 2012 and the 'end of 'time'. It also reveals important information about ancient prophecy, the crystal skulls, sacred ceremony and the wisdom of the heart, and the shift in consciousness now taking place on the planet.