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DNA Activation: A Secret To Personal Transformation

Life begins with an untouched mind – much like a blank canvas waiting to be colored. The colors are known as ‘the human experience’, which brings about the gradual development of the mental capabilities required to live a ‘normal life’. Intelligence, creativity and memory are developed, but at the same time, an accumulation of programs and conditions take place that shape an individual’s personality, morality and norms. Slowly, the noise and overload of information from external influences like culture, media and family, overpower the sense of bliss that is naturally occurring at birth. The notion of self begins to form, creating what is also known as EGO. EGO interferes with the true individual expression, causing what can be compared to memory loss: a loss of the memory of the simple joy of living in the moment, being free and omnipotent.

The way to regain the memory of an unlimited self is through the activation of specific glands and organs within the body. They are like information super stores that absorb all life experiences. By changing the information caused by traumas to information about infinite possibilities, a person’s life experience is changed from one of fear and limitation to ultimate freedom and potential.

The change happens through DNA reprogramming – a way of consciously overwriting the noises of EGO with the light language of the soul, installing its messages directly into the body. It gives the individual the opportunity to hold and feel the energy of his or her true expression, and not the distorted, polarized ego-version.

DNA activation works on a deep, cellular level, directly changing each cell’s memory. The re-programming happens through the nervous center, specifically the medulla oblongata, which sends messages to the rest of the body. Updating the DNA with new beliefs and memories enables an amazing transformation from within the body throughout the entire system of a human being!

Introducing: The Medulla Oblongata – Center of Transformation!

The center for reprogramming, this is one of the most exciting areas within the human body. No matter the blueprint a person chooses for him or her self, it will get downloaded into the brain and disseminated through the nervous system into the body. By simply changing the very material a human being is made of, an automatic and permanent upgrade takes place. It is the single-most powerful tool for human transformation there is!

About the Medulla Oblongata:

Physical Location: Lower brainstem
Native Energy: Neuro-Electrical
Native Aspects: DNA-Activation, Addictions, Programming
Color: Indigo
Purpose: To ensure that messages from the pineal gland are communicated and integrated within the human body.
Symptoms of Dysfunction: Teeth-grinding, issues with mouth, teeth, or gums, nervous breakdown, neurosis, psychosis, anxiety disorders Just like the rest of the human body, the medulla communicates through very succinct messages. These messages are determined by the health of the medulla and are translated into specific life experiences.

When the Medulla Oblongata is healthy and active, a person’s life experience will sound like this: “I know that living out my true potential is not defined by right or wrong, good or bad, normal or strange. I live my life in harmony and balance, unaffected by the opinions of others – even if they represent a majority. I have the courage to follow my dreams, free from ‘I shouldn’t’, ‘I ought to’ and ‘I must’”.

When the Medulla Oblongata is unhealthy / inactive, a person’s life experience will sound like this: “I feel caught in a situation or relationship because it is expected of me. I feel uneasy with the unconventional and easily get embarrassed when those around me act out of the norm – especially in public! I care about what others think to a point where I will change my path to conform, even if deep down, I don’t really want to.”

Activating the Medulla will heal drug addictions

Drugs with a mind-altering effect leave residue in the human brain and nervous system. Tuning into this center will blast any debris out of the system, allowing for an enhanced production of dopamine to happen. Forget any chemically induced simulations and go with the natural access to states of ecstasy in stead.

How to Activate the Medulla

First, locate the organ in the body. The Medulla is the lower part of the brainstem, located where the spinal cord ends and the scull begins. Then feel into it, find the largest concentration of energy and surrender to it. This energy concentration is basically the bliss instinct of the organ; following it is like letting the sensation lead the way, and a slight tingling sensation may occur. This technique is the basic way of activating any organ or gland. It can be strengthened and fine-tuned through the Lumen Octave Principles.

By Mona Bhattacharya To learn more about Lumen Octave Principles, please contact Mona for a free 15 min session. Please click < ahref="" target="_blank" rel=nofollow">here to access this offer

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