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Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

The Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed, suffering will result. A partial list of the Universal laws include: Threes, Commitment, Dissonance, Divine Order, One, Free Will, Manifestation, Gratitude, Reflection, and Soul Evolution.

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

An exploration of the 50 Primary Universal Laws. The universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws--which are regulatory vibrations to maintain order. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of eventual positive outcome; when the laws are transgressed, you can be assured of suffering--the only purpose of which is to teach a better way.

1. The Law of Harmony
This Law supercedes even the fundamental Law of Karma, because the purpose of karma is to attain harmony and balance. The universe is perfectly balanced. When you are in harmony you are in balance. There is nothing permanent without harmony as harmony can be considered another name for Love. Once you have evolved to the position of living an entire life in harmony, you are free from the wheel of reincarnation.

Total Presence - The Law of Harmony
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The Law of Life and Harmony

2. The law of Reincarnation & Karma
Karma is also known as the The Law of Cause and Effect, (e.g., you get what you give, you reap what you sow, newtons law) Until you have resolved your Karma and fulfilled your Dharma, you will continue to reincarnate into sequential lifetimes upon the earth. You decide what lessons you need to learn for each life experience. Whenever you act with intention (actions being your thoughts, emotions, words and deeds and the motive, intent and desire) you create karma. Dis-harmonious acts, are rooted in fear-based emotions, must be eventually balanced and resolved. When you can live a life of perfect harmony, liberation will follow.

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3. The Law of Wisdom
Wisdom erases Karma. If you can learn your lessons harmoniously through Love and Wisdom then you will diminish or erase your dis-harmonious karma. Many learn fastest through pain and suffering because one can see the direct consequences of their dis-harmonious actions and intentions. Wisdom (past life awareness and present life learning) allows you to detatch from painful and challenging situations with love, which will ease your suffering Painful and challenging situations provide us an opportunity to transmute the Disharmony with Love and Wisdom, in order to balance our karma.

School of Wisdom - Laws of Wisdom

4.The Law of Grace
The Law of Grace reflects the unwavering wisdom and power of the Universe. Karma can be experienced in pain and suffering, or it can be experienced in Mercy and Grace. The choice is yours. If you give Love, Mercy and Grace to others, you will receive the same in return. If you have the Wisdom to respond with Compassion, Acceptance, Love, Grace and Mercy to any negativity you have destined for yourself, you will resolve the dis-harmonious Karma and return to balance.

Soul Life - Karma and Grace

5. The Law of Soul Evolution Everyone on earth shares the goal of soul evolution on an individual and collective level--whether they realize it or not. We have reincarnated because we desire to spiritually evolve by rising above our fear-based emotions and learning to express Unconditional Love. This is how we can raise our vibrational rate and move closer to a state of Harmony. Learning can be slow, however its continually progressive. Past mistakes and failures are really small successes that evolve us and allow us to move closer to our goal.

The Universal Law of Soul Evolution: Our souls are continually evolving

6. The Law of Bodhisattva
Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit term commonly accepted by most Metaphysical adepts today. It means "One who has transcended the need of earthly incarnations, but who has chosen to return to the Earth to support others in achieving enlightenment". The Bodhisattva knows that he/she can never really be free until all souls are free. Most serious students of Metaphysics have entered the Bodhisattva stage of their evolution.

The 8 Bodhisattvas
Bodhisattva Ideal in Buddhism
The Bodhisattva Ideal

7. The Law of Vibrational Attainment
The entire Universe operates on the same Principle of Vibrational Energy. When Einstein discovered the matter is energy (E=MC2), he opened the door to merging Science and Metaphysics. Energy never dies; it can only be transformed or changed into another state of being. In other words, everything is energy that is constantly changing and fluctuating in its vibration and frequency. You are energy. All physical energy including your physical body which appears solid, is actually trillions of swiftly moving molecules orbiting each other at a specific vibrational rate. We each have a 'physical life rate' or personal vibration that we earned from the past as a result of how harmoniously--or dis-harmoniously you've lived your past lives and current life up until this current moment.

The Law of Vibration
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The Universal Laws Explained – The Law of Vibration

8. The Law of Free Will
The Law of Free Will operates in 3 ways: 1. Free Will to avoid pre-determinism, 2. Master Life Awareness, 3. Positive Choices. Although certain events in your life are pre-determined either Astrologically or due to Karma, you always have the Free-Will to choose how you will respond to any situation. You can minimize the disharmonious effects of negative karma by responding with Positivity, Love, Grace, and Mercy. As you obtain and develop conscious awareness and detatchment, you will be far less effected by negativity worldly events. You can enjoy all the good that life has to offer, and through detachement, you can allow any negativity to flow through you without effecting you. You always have Free Will in how you respond to any situation. If you respond to a negative karmic situation positive emotions, compassion and integrity, then you've probably learned your karmic lessons and will not have to experience a similar situation in the future.

Law of Freewill - Choice is based on Awareness
The Universal Law of Man’s Free Will and the Divine Will For Man

9. The Law of One
Every soul that is living and discarnate is connected at the level of Collective Unconscious, deep within the Higher Self. We are all part of a Great universal energy gestalt called God. When we live Harmoniously, we each increase our vibrational rate and intensify the vibration of the entire gestalt; when we are dis-harmonious we decrease the vibration of the entire gestalt. Because we are one, the motive, intent and desire behind everything we think, say and do, effects every other soul.

Ra Material: The Law of One

10. The Law of Manifestation
Everything manifest begins as a thought--an idea. Ideas and experiences create beliefs, which in turn create your reality. If you are unhappy with your current reality, then you must change your beliefs and your behavior. Beliefs can be changed when you recognize those that are not working for you, and begin programming what will create success and harmony in your life. Be aware that you don't necessasrily have to change the way you feel about something in order to effect it, if instead you are willing to change what you are doing. Your mind has unlimited creative power. Dedication, awareness and training can give you the Wisdom to rise above your Karma. You can manifest whatever reality you desire to experience within physical laws.

The Law Of Manifestation, The Law of Attraction
Pagans Path - The Law of Manifestation
Abraham: The Three Laws of Manifestation
The 12 Laws of Manifestation

11. The Law of Conscious Detachment
It is your resistance to what i that causes your suffering. Suffering can be said to mean anything that is that is not working in your life. When you accept what is, you accept the unalterable realities in your life without resisting them. No matter how much you resist, there are some things or situations which cannot be changed. Change what you can change, but have the wisdom to accept unalterable situations as they are without wasting mental or physical energy attempting to change what you cannot change. Out of this acceptance comes involved detachement--the ability to enjoy all the positive aspects of life, but to allow the negativity to flow through you without resistance and without affecting you. Let Go and Let God.

The Law of Conscious Detachment
Law of Detachment - Flowing with God
Effortless Detachment – the Missing Key to Conscious Creation

12. The Universal Law of Gratitude
From the perspective of Karma and the Law of One, the more you give the more you will receive. The more you assist others, the more you assist yourself. The power of this Law also works in your day-to-day life. By having an attitude of Gratitude, Thanks and Appreciation for something, you will raise your vibration. If you feel and can express heartfelt gratitude then you unlock the Universe's abundance treasure chest. You know this because when you receive gratitude and appreciation you feel worthy. The gratitude you feel and express when you realize every challenge you face has within it a lesson of healing, growth and evolvement makes you look forward to challenges with willing appreciation and gratitude for your opportunity to grow. Count your blessings, in appreciation and gratitude, and watch them grow.

God Consciousness - The Law of Gratitude
The Universal Law Of Gratitude
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The Natural Law of Gratitude

13. The Universal Law of Fellowship
When two or more people of similar vibration are gathered for a shared purpose, their combined energy directed to the attainment of that purpose is doubled, even tripled or more. This esoteric awareness has been used by covens, esoteric religions, healing groups and even worldwide meditations for world peace.

The International Healing Followship

14. The Universal Law of Resistance
That which you resist, persists; that which you embrace, is erased. This Law is saying that anything that you resist you will attract or draw to you, and you will perpetuate its influence upon your life. Resitance is fear. The Law of resistance assures that you let go of the fear by encountering it until you are forced to deal with it by learning conscious detachement. Most dis-harmonious situations are solved through a change in viewpoint. By changing your perspective you can usually eliminate the effects of a problem. Another aspect of the Law of Resistance states 'that what you resist, you become' either in this lifetime, then in a future incarnation. Since resistance is fear, and the quickest way to overcome fear is to directly experience that which you find so fearful.

The Law Of Attraction And Its Counterpart: The Law Of Resistance
The Law of Non-resistance

15. The Law of Attraction
Attention goes where energy flows. You attract what you are, and that which you concentrate upon. If you are negative then you draw in and experience negativity. If you are Loving, then you draw in and experience Love. You can only attract to you those qualities which you posess. If you want Peace and Harmony in your life, you must become Peaceful and Harmonious. Like vibartion attracts like vibration.

The Law Of Attraction Information and Videow
The Secret: The Law Of Attraction

16. The Law of Reflection
As Within So Without. This Law says that the traits you respond to in others, you recognize in yourself--both positive and negative. It has four primary manifestations: that which you admire in others, you recognize as existing within yourself; that which you resist and react to strongly in others, is surely to be found within yourself; that which you react to dislike in others is something you are afraid exists within you; that which you resist in yourself, you will dislike in others. You have chosen to incarnate unto the physical plane to learn to rise above the effects of fears. Those fears will always be reflected in your reactions to others. Thus, your goals are very obvious once you recognize how to perceive them. As you let go of the fear you automically open to expressing more Unconditional Love.

New Paradigm Law of Attraction: The Law of Reflection

Developing Spiritual Awareness With The Law Of Reflection

17. The Law of Unconditional Love
The expression of Unconditional Love will eventually result in Harmony. Unconditional Love is not romantic love, it's the acceptance of others as they are without judgement or expectation. It is the total acceptance of others without attempting to change them. If you go out of your way to express Unconditional Love, you automatically rise above fear. And as you transend your fears you automatically open to the expression of Unconditional Love.

The Love Foundation - Unconditional Love
The Law of Unconditional Loving
Being in Harmony with the Universal Law of Unconditional Love.

18. The Law of Magnetic Affinities
By Astrologically choosing the time and place of your birth, you determine the nature of the effects you will experience in your life. Before you were incarnate on the physical plane, you made decisions about the lifetime you would be entering into. You chose your parents, other souls to interact with you, and the astrological configurations of your birth, which determine your character, personality, abilities, restrictions, and timing for strength and weaknesses.

Dimension 11:11 - Astrologuical Guide and Tutorial

19. The Law of Abundance
You have within yourself everything required to make your earthly incarnation a paradise if you choose to accept that which is your natural birthright. We live in a Universe of Abundance, although the majority of those populating our planet appear to veiw it as a Universe of scarcity.

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20. The Universal Law of Divine Order
If you seek to understand the Law of Divine Order, study the natural balance of nature, as it works much the same way. Everything is as it should be, although mankind is far from experiencing its potential of total harmony. There are no accidents. Your energy translated into thoughts, words, emotions and deeds, causes all your experiences. This assures that you always have the learning opportunities you require to resolve your Karma. The collective thoughts, words, emotions and deeds of mankind create the environment for us all. If enough souls focus their energy upon Peace, we will have Peace. If the majority of souls are filled with anger, we may all have to experience war. We are all One. We can direct our energy individually and collectively towards Fear or Love.

The Law Of Divine Order - We're All In A Perfect State Of Grace As We Are!
The Divine Order of Natures Laws
The Law of Acceptance and Divine Order
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Maat - Divine Order

21. The Law of Attitude
Nothing in the Universe can harm you except your own attitude. You, and you alone choose the attitude with what you will respond. Your attitude can worsen or lighten any event. No two people respond to the same situation in the same way. Every earthly incarnation includes traumatic experiences, and the better you understand the workings of Karma, the more likely you will be to put events in a spiritual perspective.

The Law of Attitude - 3 Key Points
Law of Success: The Untold Secrets
Psychology: The Law of Attitude

22. The Law of Three
Two, is generally recognized as positive and negative, and becomes a Law only when combined with a neutralizing force. When three, become a unit, neither of the original two are more powerful or larger, and each behaves for itself and the benefit of the whole. Examples are: The Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Conscious Mind, Sub-Conscious Mind and Super-Conscious Mind; Mother, Father and Child. When a man and a woman are combined in a neutralized state of marriage, they become a three

The Law of Three
The Universal Law of Three
The Law of Three
The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return
The Law of Return

23. The Law of Association
If two or more units have something in common, the commonality can be used to influence or control the other thing. The amount of control depends on the degree of commonality. The more common they both are, the more influence. For example: If you Pray while holding a Bible, you will be more likely to experience a spiritual connectedness; A Bible and Prayer share a commonality. As another example, proper diet and exercise share the mental commonality of perceived good health, which is more likely to manifest as a result of your assumption.

24. The Law of Commitment
When you become clear on your intent, making a decision and obligating yourself to a task or a belief, everything begins to fall into place--if your direction is in Harmony with the Universe as it relates to your purpose. Once you do this, things begin to happen almost magically, as if you were a magnet drawing into your experience that which is needed for manifestation. The key to this power is to have no indecisiveness at all, and the greater your emotional desire the power you will give to those on the other side who can assist you, and the more rapidly the manifestation.

25. The Law of Dissonance
This Law states that you are going to experience mental discomfort when you hold two conflicting beliefs, or when your actions don't agree with your beliefs. When your beliefs and actions are incompatable, you will attempt to reduce the resulting discomfort by changing either your actions or your beliefs. Instead of changing thebehavior that conficts with ones beliefs, many will attempt to justify or rationalize the belief or action. The Law of Dissonance is also known as the Law of Self Dillusion.

Three Steps to Using the Law of Dissonance
The Rule of Dissonance - Internal Pressure is the Secret

26. The Law of Experience
This Law says that new information entering your Mind destroys previous information of a similar nature. Once a pathway of information has been established in your brain, that veiwpoint will prevail unless new information comes in to destroy and replace it. You need fresh new input to erase the trauma of a negative or painful past experience or event. This Law does not require your active attention or participation. This Law can be used in effectively in an altered state of consciousness programming because your subconscious can not tell the difference between fantasized experience and a real experience. Visualization is the key when it comes to reprogramming your subconscious, because after some time, the mind will begin to accept the visualized experience as real and will invoke the Law of Experience; this experience will eventually carry over into your personal reality.

27. The Law of Fearful Confrontation
This Law states that if you fear doing something, yet have the courage to do it anyway, you will soon do a mental flip-flop and may even become addicted to doing it. If you force yourself to do something you are afraid of, the experience generates the internal release of beta-endorphines. These internally manufactured opiates chemically resemble opium, and are quite addicting. The more you do whatever it is that you fear--despite the fear--the more you will want to do it and the better you will feel doing it each time.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Confrontation And Earn Respect From Others

28. The Law of Group Consciousness
Every one of us is part of a great Energy gestalt and connected on the level of collective unconscious. Each individual aspect of the gestalt has its own electrical system, its own vibrational frequency, and inter-reacts with all other aspects. We are all electrically connected to one another, and to a central point. On a higher self or psychic level, it is possible for anyone to tune into anyone else, and to draw upon the awareness of the entire gestalt. Like the concept of the hundreth monkey effect, mankind takes advancing steps when group consciousness reaches a critical mass, and new awareness is accepted by the whole.

The Soul and Group Consciousness
The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance.
Spiritual Law of Consciousness
Christ Consciousness is Group Consciousness

29. The Law of Personal Return
Although this Law is just another way to view Karma, but some people prefer it. It says if you think negatively of someone, or send hateful thoughts to them, then the thoughts may harem the person. But in due course, the thoughts will return to the sender. The same is true of disharmonious deeds. But the Law of Peresonal return also works in reverse. Whatever positive thoughts or actions you send out will also be returned to you. What you give is what you get and what you reap you will sow.

The Twelve Laws of Karma Video
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30. The Law of Activity
Action is a result of thought and is part of a Triad. Every thought produces an alchemical process in your consciousness and is the manifestation of motive, intent or desire. This union of two is necessary for action and will ordain the Karmic implications.

The Law of Activity

31. The Law of Denial
When you refuse to deal with a highly emotional issue, or refuse to take responsibility for an unpleasant situation, you avoid living up to your potential. Such things can be put off for lifetimes, but the effect will be experienced mentally, physically, or as a lifestyle manifestation, untill you correctly Balance the situation.

32. The Law of New Beginnings
For each of us in our time, there are major life turning points. There is a break in the energy-wave patterns and a complete change will result. Everything is effected by this change and flux--some things to a lesser degree than others. This could be a major traumatic event or tragic experience, or a positive major breakthrough, revelation or radical shift in perception, attitude or lifestyle. There are no endings but simply new beginnings. From a death of a loved one to the birth of a child, this Law of New Beginnings is in constant ebb and flow--in a ryhthm and cycle.

Law of Attraction and New Beginnings

33. The Law of Compensation
You, and you alone are responsible for everything that happens to you. All is the result of your past thoughts, words and deeds, and which have formed your present attitude. Your attitude towards life and life experiences is returned to you in the form of rewards or problems--as love in joy, or as confusion, trouble or heartbreaking experience. These Karmic rewards or punishments can be delivered immediately at later date in your present life, or in a future incarnation.

Success Key: The Law of Compensation
The Law of Compensation
The Law of Compensation - KARMA

34. The Law of Psychomatic Influence
This law states that two things--whether annimate or inannimate--once in contact with each other, will continue to act upon each other even at a distance, long after the actual contact has been severed. Matter coming into contact with other matter absorbs and influences as a result of the contact. There is a psychmetric blending of the etheric emmanations. This is why someone wearing a piece of inherited will be influenced by the psychomatic emmanations of the original owner. The more empathic a person is, the more likely they will be influenced by the state of mind of the original owner. Another example of this Law is when contact takes place between two people, the intensity of the contact will dictate the degree and duration of the influence. A sexual union would result in a lengthy mental connection of the two people even if they did not see each other ever again. Even if netiher of them recognize this consciously, but on an unconscious level contact and influence continues.

35. The Law of Totality
It says that each part of a totality has its own characteristics and also takes on the characteristics of the totality as a sum of its parts. Each part has two fuctions; to retain its own characteristics and to fuction as part of the totality. When seprated, each part remains connected tot he totality, and because it retains the characteristics of the totality, it can perform as the totality. This law is also expressed as the Law of One.

The One Law

36. The Law of Dominant Desire
It says that a stronger emotion will always dominate a weaker one. Every idea you percieve as the beginning of a manifestation (although all ideas are not expressed in reality). It doesnt matter which idea you consciously favor--or even know to be desirable--the stronger emotion will nullify the weaker one, and the strongest emotion will begin to permeate all aspects of your activites.

Law of Dominant Thought
The 24 Laws of the Subconscious Mind

37. The Law of Duality
The unvierse and all Energy functions as a Yin Yang Balance, resulting in a tension between opposites. Yin is negative; Yang is positive. We all contain these dual aspects expressed as Love and Hate; Harmony and Chaos; Good and Evil. This tension is necessary for structure to exist. Human Beings are Energy structures. Do not think in terms of negative being bad. Think more in terms of negative or positive poles or plates within a battery. But individually and collectively, Yin Energy is often expressed through actual negative or painful experiences, events and emotions. Instead, Yin Energy could also be expressed as Positive Challenge.

Yin, Yang, Kabballah, & Tree of Life
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A Reflection On Duality

38. The Law of Self Destruction
As a natural expression of the Law of Duality, that which is totally succesful ends to destroy itself. There are many examples of this. Once total succes is attained there is no more challenge and self destruction follows. Subconsciously the desire to experience the challenge again, unless you challenge yourself, you will stagnate. Remember that you are energy, and stagnation is self destruction. Energy can not stand still because by its very nature it must move forward or backward.

39. The Law of Environmental Manifestation
Everything that surrounds you is an extension of you, this includes your mate, your home, your furnishings and car, your pets, and your career, are a physical expression of your attitudes and belief systems. Your environment is a reality picture of your core beliefs and expresses your self image in cultural overview.

40. The Law of Restriction
Man can not create anything higher than his level of own understanding. Thus, society can never get any better than the level of mankind as a whole. Our systems for social change usually only add new burdens to already inaffective systems. Time has proven that this approach doesn't work. Our mistake is trying to right the world from the outside in; this is working on the effect instead of the cause, as is doomed to failure. Instead, we must work from the inside out. Every one of us on the planet can incorporate the power of positive thinking, which is the only long term solution to poverty and limitation. To heal the world, we must each first heal ourselves.

41. The Law of Self Worth
You can only attract to you that which you feel worthy of. Your self esterm is critical to your happiness and succes. You are not what you have and you are not what you do. Beneath your fear programming, you are perfect--an enlightened soul fully self-actualized, and a living example of unconditional Love. it is only lifetimes of fear-based programming that are keeping you from acknowleging who you really are. The more you can let go of the fears, the higher your self esteems and the more options you will have, and the more risks you will take. The better you like yourself, the better others will like you, and the more worthy you will feel.

Law of Attraction and Self Esteem
Self-Esteem and the Law of Attraction:

42. The Law of Growth
This Law states that there is no Growth withou discontent. Deep within your center at the level of Higher Self, you know what is best for you, and it will always be to strive for more awareness. Never allow yourself to reach a level of self satisfaction where there is no new challenge. For most of us, there will be no growth without agitation or discontent. The idea is to carefully study your dissatisfactions, for they will tell you what you are about to leave behind and possibly point to new future directions.

The Law Of Growth
How to Be Happy: Learn and Apply the Law of Growth
The Law of Growth

43. The Law of Self Truth
Truth is what works for you. If you believe something to be, then it becomes Truth for you. The idea is to be very careful about what you accept to be, for it will influence all aspects of your life and your future.

44. The Law of Summarized Experience
You are the sum total of all that has ever happened to you in this life you aer now living and in all of your past lives, from your health, your relationships, your sexual experiences, your developed abilities, your career standing, and everything else can be used as a barometer to show who you really are, and to tell if your conscious and subconscious are functioning in harmony.

45. The Law of Belief
You can have anything you want if you can give up the belief that you can't have it, and as long as what you want doesn't doesn't conflict with someone elses belief. For example, If you desire a fulfulling relationship, but demand it to be with a particular person, then you are not operating in Harmony with the Universe.

The Law of Growth

46. The Law of Dharmic Direction
You have within you a guiding principle, which is your duty to yourself and society. Karma has directed your past lives and your present life experience, always urging you to forge ahead into activities and learning experiences to formt he character required to fulfull your destiny (Dharma). Of course, you also have the Free Will to not fulfull your Dharma. But the secret is to listen to your inner direction which will direct you to fulfill your Dharma and resolve your karma. Your Dharmic direction is natural for you and probably falls within one of seven directions: 1. the work force and geneal occupation careers which includes homemakers. 2. military and law enforcement. 3. service and religious work, medical and social welfare and metaphysics. 4 creativite fields which include artists, writers, poets, musicians, actors and entertainers. 5. science, which includes researchers and technologists, physicists. 6. Philosophy, which presents theories as to why man does what he does. 7. government, including political leaders and elected offices.

Understanding Sanatana Dharma
Dharma in Buddhism and Hinduism

47. The Law of Purifying Action
By living the Three Pillars of Dharma, you will spirtually evolve. The First Pillar is Generousity, meaning non-greed, letting go. The Karmic results of Generousity are abundance and deep harmonious relationships with others; the Second Pillar is Moral Restraint, which includes five basic precepts: not killing, not stealing, not committing sexual misconduct, not using wrong speech, not taking in intoxicants which can cloud the mind and make it dull; the Third Pillar is Mediation which covers concentration and focus and the cultivation of insight and see clearly the nature of Dharma and things.
Spiritual Law Of Purification

48. The Law of Karmic Excess
This Law states that Karma incurred in one incarnationcan be overwhelmingly harmonsious or dis-harmonious, that to have it all return in one lifetime would put you out of Balance. Therefore, it is dispersed or worked out in more than one incarnation.

The Metaphysics of Karmic Law
Destiny, Karma and the Law of Attraction

49. The Law of Release
This Law advises you to let go of anything that is no longer useful, without resentment and without regrets. This includes such things as books, philosphy, clothing, beleifs, your lifestyle, even a club membership. This is because the pleasure of something should be in the moment of the experience, and when it is no longer useful, by letting go you free yourself to start another learning experience without being bound by the old.

50. The Law of Ritual
Any Act performed repeatedly with specific intent becomes a Rite. Each time the Ritual is repeated its power is enhanced in three ways: first, by focusing on the intent the performer intesifies the power of his or her mind to control reality; second, the performer gives permission to his Guides and the powers on the other side to assist him in the desire of manifestations; and third, each performance upon the Rite draws upon the energy of all who have used the rite throughout all time. This can include the use of symbols as well.

This concluded the look at the Fifty Primary Spirtiual Laws. Now there are many systems of Metaphysical Principles and Spirtual Laws, but there are seven Universal Laws which are the most common and useful to understand. These Laws are The Seven Hermetic Principles of Manifestation and will act as a general guideline and base foundation for living your life in a more positive way and creating the reality that you desire.

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