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Ascension and Spiritual Awakening

Information About Ascension

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10 Signs You Are Moving To New Earth  New Age Videos The Maya Of Eternal Time - Druvalo Melchizedek chariot of ascension vehicle merkabah

Ascension Symptoms
Explore the various signs of ascension, as well as the physical and emotional symptoms that one might experience during the spiritual awakening process.

Ascension Temple
This site is devoted to ascension healing with meditation videos, mantras for ascension, articles, and sound vibrations for activating ascension energies.

Inner Mastery Tools

The Ascension Temple of Purification WebsiteThe Ascension Temple of Purification
The Ascension Temple of Purification new age and spiritual videos, with relaxing music and inspirational messages.

Human Biology DNA Strand EsotericD.N.A Activation
Your DNA have an integral connection within a coherent wavelength. You are the creator of that frequency. Your very life depends upon it.

5D EarthParallel Universes and
How To Create Reality
Mainstream science is now recognizing the existence of parallel realities. Can we change realities by shifting our intention? This video suggests a model of six dimensions of reality that explain the power of focus to heal illness and extends to a shift in planetary consciousness to heal the world.

Cosmic Consiousness Universal RealityConsciousness
Insightful and Informative videos on Consciousness, Reality, The Universe, Self-Awareness, Awakening, Quantum Reality, Mystical Expolorations into the Mind and More.

5D Earth Fifth Dimensional Earth is Here!
In this article, Dolores Cannon explains the symptoms and process of shifting into the new age and 5d earth consciousness and what changes to expect in terms of diet and emotions.

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