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Numerology and Number Divination

Visit Dimension1111 for a free numerology tutorial and guide, number description, free numerological calculators, forecasts and more.

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Information About Numerology

Numerology is the study of the meaning and symbolism of numbers. There are many different numerological systems and traditions. Numerology is not so much a mathematics or science but a form of divination based on the fact that the individual digits in composite numbers can be reduced to a single digit through the numerological process. Each number carries a particular energetic vibration. There is a divine and mystical relationship between a number and the coinciding events within our lives. Simialar to Astrology, the numbers that make up your birth blueprint and your name will have an influence on your personality and character traits, hidden talents, emotions, habits, as well as your destiny.

You can visit this site to learn more about numerology and how to calculate your own numerological chart.

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A documentary film that details the deliberate encoding of occult numerology and symbology in the design of city grids, government institutions, corporate headquarters and temple structures throughout the planet. Learn what the sacred geometrical patterns mean and why they are being used for these purposes.

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Videos and information about various methods of Divination including Tarot Cards, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, and more.

Sacred Geometry The Divine Blueprint of LifeSacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry, the mathematics of God and the Divine blueprint of life.

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The reality is, we all have the ability to attract whatever we want in our lives and our reality. Look around, research, read? scientific literature of opposing sides, whatever you want to understand, if you put your energy there, you will find substance supporting or furthering your understanding! It is all about what you put out and where you place your consciousness.

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The Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed, suffering will result.